Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Letter

O adulterous one,

You have crushed me with your infidelity. You have destroyed all we built together. Never have I abandoned or forsaken you. Never have I turned away. Never have I been unavailable when you needed me. Yet you take me for granted. My heart is with you but you you lie in the arms of your sin. My love and kisses are pure, yet you give only kisses of lust. I require nothing from you but your loyalty. I desire to pour out love and blessings on your life, but you continue to reject me. How long must I wait until you come home? How many times must I call your name before you will hear? I long to show you my heart, to share with you my deepest desires, but your ears are closed off form me. Your heart is stone cold. When have I ceased to remain faithful? When have I ceased to serve you? When have I not sacrificed all for you? My heart aches for you to return. Out of all other sI have chosen you alone to be mine, You made a sacred ow to always be faithful to me. You have broken this vow. You have abandoned your promise. Your selfish ways has broken us apart, driven a wedge into our love. What we could have is perfect oneness. We could dance together in sweet harmony. You could be held in my arms of love always. Our every desire can be fulfilled in one another. However, you must choose to be mine. You must turn away from your adulterous ways and dedicate yourself only to me. Turn over your heart to me. Give me all you have without reserve. Open yourself to me and hold nothing back. Only then will our relationship return to purity and true love. I long for you alone. Will you be mine?



In My Humble Opinion said...

Oh Faithful One. How can it be that your children so easily violate your love? How can it be that we can close our ears to your call and be drawn away by our secret love of the world? Help me trust that your love will cast out all fear and let me feel your breath on my neck and hear your heart beat close to mine again. Love always from your broken one.

Niecey said...

So true. His passion for me, despite me, blows my mind. Yet my eyes always wander elsewhere.

Morgan Gagnier said...

I would love to get together with you, my home e-mail address is I am getting used to the weather, so we may need to wait until things weather wise settle down, but we do have a nice yard too that I am looking forward for the kids to play in once the snow melts. Look forward to catching up!